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She said that she would go to London.

Direct and indirect speech: an overview of the rules

As you can see, both the past tense and the present perfect change into the past perfect. Tell can introduce statements, commands, requests or advice.

Similarly ask is used in reported questions, commands, requests or advice in different forms. David said that he had passed the exam. This and these are usually substituted. Past – past perfect “She went to Rome,” I thought. Jim said he was playing this week. After wish, would rather, had better, it is time.

Indirect Speech for all Tenses – Rules

We must change it, however, in the following sentence, otherwise it will not be clear whether we are talking about the present or past feelings. He said that he didn’t want it. The verb forms remain the same in the following cases: John said that he had won a prize.

C Time and place Let’s suppose that we talked to our friend Mary on Friday. Indirect Speech for Question Sentence.

He said that he had gone to home. They said that they had been living in America since Exercise 2 Report a dialogue. David said that he would be making tea. What you can find on this page: Exercise 3 Correct mistakes. French Direct and Indirect speech Discours direct et indirect In French, there are two different ways to express the words of.

Keep into mind that, when indirecct from.

Direct and Indirect speech | Exercises + PDF

David said that he was not going to College. Present – past “I never understand you,” she told me. The kids vownload they had been playing a game. We do not usually change the modal verbs must and needn’t. Here usually becomes there. Direct and Indirect Speech. Direct and indirect speech. Exercise 6 Rewrite reported commands and requests.

Direct and indirect speech: an overview of the rules

Mixed test on reported speech PDF tests with answers to download for free. Direct and Indirect speech – WordPress. When a sentence is made and reported at the same time and the fact is still true. Reported speech exercises PDF Printable exercises with answer keys to download for free.

They said that they would not be driving a car.

Present perfect – past perfect rulew have broken the window,” he admitted. If we report Mary’s sentence on Sunday, we have to do the following: We may report what he said without quoting his But sometimes we make different adjustments.

She said that she would be feeding her kids. Commands, requests or advice with tell “Leave the room,” he told John. Scroll up to speexh more topics.

Note If sprech is said and reported at the same time, the time expressions can remain the same. The commands, requests and advice mostly have the same form in English: They said that they had met her the month before.

Let’s suppose that we talked to our friend Mary on Friday.