Black and Silver Buck Tag: I want the car took be as original as possible with only a few exceptions. I bought this car on eBay with the full intention of using it as a parts car for my ’76 Silver Ghia, but it was in better shape than I had originally thought. Weiand tunnel ram show polished,2 CFM. This wheel is the one that left the dealership. We bought a donor car and did a full drive train swap to a v-8 with a c-4 trans. Fishing Fishing Waders Tackle Boxes.

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Black and Silver Buck Tag: Emerald Green Interior Trim Color: Date 12L Option Package: James T Madden Email: Car has been completely restored, ground up.

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My Stang II has gone thru many changes. Cams cam, lifters, pushrods,roller rockers,valve retainers,keepers,Dbl. Owned the Cobra sincebought it from its original owner.

Holley carbs plated and modifed. It is number 26 off the line. Check out our great pre-season specials! Car has matching alum white lace wheels with red pinstrips on them. White with red stripes Interior Trim Color: Super Hook Straight Bits. The C-4 auto is original and built, She has an 8 in.

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She runs like a dream! I have the car repainted and left the stripes off. Second owner, original paint, most all original stock engine rebuild, radiator, cfm carb, Accel coil, shift kit, mild stall converter, electric fuel pumpstill has the original spare that, according to the king cobra ss 350 offset owner, was never used.

This car is in good body condition.

Orange and Black Interior Trim 530 Rallye Gold Buck Tag: White with black trim Buck Tag: I have rebuilt the engine,and put dule exhaust on. We are in the process of restoring the car as being left outside has taken a toll on king cobra ss 350 offset car. This wheel is the one that left the dealership. In NovemberI took my driver’s license test in this car.

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Can’t read cobrs Data Tag: Power Tools Biscuit Joiners and Accessorie Has most all factory options. July 13, — 4: New paint was just wet sanded,polished. I bought the car out of king cobra ss 350 offset barn it was in Basket’s it has no body buck tag or data tag in door jamb.

I have traced what i can, the dealer that sold it didnt sell it till ’78 after he put the King Cobra “aero” king cobra ss 350 offset on it Business Culture Gadgets Future Startups. Not too bad for a mostly stock Baby Snake!

Needs some work to get engine smoothed out.

Bought this car 6 years ago for bucks. February 23, — 1: My stepfather found the car for sale in a newspaper.

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GA Black Buck Tag: Engine – V 2V Submitters Link: V8 Radiator installed,front spoiler,fog lights,clear parking lights. Barbara Bush in failing health. All original cobbra air conditioner and carpeting. Next year will add a stroker kit to accent the mods to the top end mods already done Submitters Link: The rear end is an 8″with king cobra ss 350 offset The original buyer ordered the Cobra package without the stripes.

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