Compact, lightweight design is perfect for camera-mount use. Internal ribbon cable connects to the SB Live soundcard. Technolab products have been discontinued due to legal action. Seiko’s Japanese page for this unit. Has internal V transformer. Commercial version of the “Laff’s Headbanger” headphone amplifier as seen on the Mini Disc Community pages. MD floppy Carrying Case.

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This unit zoltrix nightingale pro 6 sound card ideal for reporters, journalists, students, law enforcement officials and lectures.

You do have to build it in yourself though. Sony remote connector Description: Unit can be purchased from The Melting Pot. Core Sound’s Zoltrix nightingale pro 6 sound card page. Panasonic’s Japanese page for this unit. V2 includes music cataloging capabilites and macros. I got zoltrixx version with six different sized drawers, and now it is storing all my MD’s 40, with plenty of room for more my leads, microphone, headphones and even my portable when I am not using it!

AllPortable microphone stand zoltfix, Gooseneck microphone adapterEyeglass mounted microphonesBinocular mounting system. Small, high quality Cardioid microphones mounted in Walkman style headphones. The proper size machine screws can be found in a good local hardware store but CSL does not express any warranty as to the fitness of a machine screw for supporting the load of the machine in a rack mount configuration.

This item is available from Minidisco.

Stand is 39″ long when folded. Needs external power supply. Works only in conjunction with the modern MD decks: Mic capsule mounted on a flexible gooseneck that can be positioned in any direction.

They develop strong bass and have an spl around dB compared to dB for most headphones. You can purchase the CatchSound from Nightingqle.

TOSlink optical digital Description: Bracket also has digital input from CD digital out. Small, portable speaker unit.

MiniDisc Accessories Table

Josephson Microphones has an article covering optimum stereo signal recording with the Jecklin Disk. The Sound Professionals digital coaxial cables page. Minidisco and MiniDisc Now both sell several Sony cases.

Tiny clip-on dual mic has ,Hz response and a 4-ft. Ultra-compact 4-channel audio mixer offering professional performance in an exceptionally portable format. Generally compatible with all MD units. Zoltrix nightingale pro 6 sound card available only by special order. Very durable construction, idea for mobile use DJing, etc. Also see ordering information for the iMic. Stereo battery modules mic power supplies are needed to power electret type microphones in loud recording situations or when plug-in power is not available and will allow the user to plug their mics into the line input or mic input of a MD, DAT, computer or other device.

One part goes in slot opening and one part goes in port opening with included screws. Pvc, 6″ rod with 6″ seperation for a spacial stereo effect. Portable high quality tripod microphone stand with boom arm-stand zoltrix nightingale pro 6 sound card to 67″ and boom is 28″ long for a total of about 8 feet in height. Ultimate UK and Minidisco carry them. Studio Z’s webpage for the announce ZephIR.

The Sound Professionals preamp page. Marenius has an English page for this unit. Cleaner discs are available from Hitmall. PMI Audio’s page for this unit. Core Sound’s CO3 page. In the store they suggest various ways the drawers zoltrix nightingale pro 6 sound card be painted and finished, including fitting handles.

On request, they furnished a 5 row case at the standard price with custom divider spacings for holding MDs without their sleeves.

MiniDisc Now has a scanned in Panasonic catalog with pictures of the unit. The Sound Professionals adapter cables page. Small, high quality Cardioid lapel microphones.

Planet Minidisc carries several MD accessories cases, adapters, etc. They are called “Label Once” and made by Multicomp for 3.