The label has a shiny, non-porous surface, designed for writing on with a permanent ink marker like the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point. Also available from Nic Boyde. Switchable low frequency roll-off. The Sound Professionals mixers page. Excellent entry level mics for MD concert tapers.

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Major credit cards accepted. It also comes in 10 and 20 disk capacity sizes. Made of unfinished Blue Spruce. Zoltrix’s page for this product.

yamaha xg ymf744b v Unit hamaha yamaha xg ymf744b v ballpoint pen modified to hold an omni-directional microphone element. Same ear fits left or right dg because of dual mounting points per ear. Tamrac Cases has a huge selection of carrying pouches, many quite suited for on-the-go MD wear.

This is a miniature hi-fi microphone that can be used with any MD recorder. Digital optical audio cables have two connector types: Binoculars are worn hung around the neck while recording.

There are two types of label packs available for each format: Closely-matched elements provide the spatial impact and realism of a live yamaha xg ymf744b v field. This item is available from Minidisco and Planet MiniDisc. Core Sound’s CO2 page.

These disks are used for making more lifelike stereo recordings by modeling the human head-transfer-function. Supplied in packs of 25 sheets, 16 labels per sheet.

Has zipper along the side. Avoid information that is likely to need frequent revision e. There yamaha xg ymf744b v an “Interlock” mode to prevent accidental activation of recording.

Ross Harmes has made a site for his 17 labelsone for each of his MD recordings. Available from Planet Minidisc. Burlingame, CA Stereo adapter cable High Yamaha xg ymf744b v stereo adapter cable. This article needs additional citations for verification. Allows switching between multiple fiber optical inputs and outputs from across the room.

Contact them for details. They develop strong bass and have an spl around dB compared to dB for most headphones.

The Sound Professionals adapter cables page. Includes two low-noise microphone amplifiers, PPM meters, lead-acid battery, monitor speaker, headphones yamaha xg ymf744b v. TOSlink optical digital Description: Stereo battery modules mic power supplies are needed to power electret type microphones in loud recording situations or when plug-in power is not available and will allow the user to plug their mics into the line input or mic input of a MD, DAT, computer or other device.

The label has a shiny, non-porous surface, designed for writing on with a y,f744b ink marker like yamaha xg ymf744b v Sharpie Ultra Fine Point. The chocolates still taste okay though! The Sound Professionals offers a useful binaural microphone comparison chart.

Yamaha XG – Wikipedia

Room for MD unit, discs, and earbud yamaha xg ymf744b v. Software package is in Japanese. This unit yamaha xg ymf744b v be purchased from PASS. Its just nice because its small and sony. Italian chocolate in a plastic box which holds 27 MDs without their cover or 8 with covers and 11 without.

Tim Wilkinson explains the reason several companies sell something called the “MD-Report! The specific problem is: Digital cables available with RCA and mini phone plugs. One part goes in slot opening and one part goes in port opening with included screws.

ysmaha AudioLib is database application designate for storing informations of audio recordings especially on MDs and Yamaha xg ymf744b v. Fully scriptable with Applescript, create and manage playlists, Channel Guides, upload and download IR uamaha from free online library. DIY plans for the earlier EasyTitle 1. Unit can also emit an FM signal to control Philips power controls. Excellent entry level yamaha xg ymf744b v for MD concert tapers.

This case may be too small for larger MD units. The Sound Professionals mixers page. Tiny clip-on dual mic has ,Hz response and a 4-ft. Heavy and a bit expensive, but recommended.